A rightful place

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Soon we will all decide if and how indigenous Australians will be recognised in the constitution. In this essential book, several leading indigenous writers and thinkers provide a road map to recognition. These eloquent essays show what constitutional recognition means, and what it could make possible- a fairer relationship and a renewed appreciation of an ancient culture. With remarkable clarity and power, they traverse law, history and culture to map the path to change. The contributors to A Rightful Place are Noel Pearson , Stan Grant , Rachel Perkins , Damien Freeman , Rod Little and Jackie Huggins , and the book includes a foreword by Galarrwuy Yunupingu . A Rightful Place is edited by Shireen Morris , a lawyer and constitutional reform fellow at the Cape York Institute and researcher at Monash University. oThe day we come to regard ourselves as people with a distinct heritage, with distinct cultures and languages but not of a distinct race, will be a day of psychological liberation. And it will also be liberating for those in the wider community.o Noel Pearson oa watershed moment for this country, a call for us to deal with unfinished business that tarnishes our nation a a landmark essayo Patricia Karvelas , The Australian

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A rightful place : a road map to recognition by Shireen Morris